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Introductory remarks by Norbert Wiemann, Chief Executive Officer of the “GERES Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH” as well as other companies in the GERES Group.

This Internet presence has been created to provide information about the broken collaboration in “Viprinet GmbH,” which Simon Kissel took as reason to carry out a character assassination campaign against the GERES Group, its employees and especially its management.

Simon Kissel made claims based upon his position as previous CEO and as shareholder of the former Viprinet GmbH. Mr. Kissel, together with Felix B. as well as two companies of our group, was an equity holder in Viprinet GmbH. What this site would above all communicate is that the courts have ruled that his actions as CEO of the former Viprinet GmbH were not only self-serving and illegal, but also constituted a breach of trust. The court decisions confirm that as CEO of the former Viprinet GmbH he followed his own interests without exception in conjunction with the irregularities referenced here.

For these reasons the Higher Regional Court Koblenz affirmed the removal of S. Kissel as CEO of Viprinet GmbH due to breach of trust.

That Simon Kissel’s breach of trust in Viprinet Gmbh was apparent not only to his fellow shareholders is shown by a further judgment from the District Court of Mainz, in which the removal without notice of Simon Kissel as CEO of Computerman GmbH was affirmed. His self-serving actions, in which he completely ignored the interests of the businesses he represented as well as his fellow shareholders, who in this case were also completely disregarded, were markedly frowned upon by the District Court of Mainz.

These court decisions verify that Simon Kissel pursued his own interests without exception even when this led to proven irregularities.

Simon Kissel liked to refer to the former Viprinet GmbH, in which he at one point held 26% ownership, as “his company.” This twisting of the facts was his only excuse for using the assets of the company for his favorite personal interests – and especially then when his personal advantage meant a disadvantage for his partners. Self-service became for him an unrestricted privilege. Entering a foreign market, planned and agreed upon together, was turned by Kissel in short order into a one-sided attempt to sell the company or, in his highly dramatic words, “a hostile takeover.” What can be shown is that he was present on location and he himself pushed the conversations and actions forward.

As the ruler by his own grace of a foreign-financed “kingdom,” Simon Kissel saw it as his right to make use of any – even legally questionable – means. In the striving towards personal power and his own profit, Simon Kissel entered into a declared “war” against his long-time personal supporter and fellow shareholder. This was done despite the fact that in the face of the drawn-out buildup of the company and therewith the necessity of an increase in capital for the former Viprinet GmbH, the GERES Group granted him a personal loan saving him from the necessity of having his company shares watered down. A success in sales still did not occur despite costly trade show appearances.

After the removal of Simon Kissel as CEO of Viprinet GmbH, he followed through with what he was threatening among other means through personal emails and was at the least a participant in an unprecedented Internet character assassination campaign against his fellow shareholder, his companies and partners and employees. In an online vendetta through anonymous Internet smear pages, false claims and also personal defamations and untruths were posted with the goal of discrediting the professional and personal reputation of the named companies and persons in the public eye.

With judgment of the Higher Regional Court Koblenz on 19 January 2017, Simon Kissel was penalized among other things with a damages payment to the CEO of the GERES Group in the amount of 50,000 EUR. After a number of years of indications, the court considered it now proven that Simon Kissel was at least co-responsible for the anonymous websites in the online vendetta. This is the highest damages payment decision ever made against a private person in Germany.

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